Monday, September 6, 2010

Truth Check

When asked by a journalist why he didn’t back the Coalition, Tony Windsor admitted with a grin, “because they’d be more likely to win if they did go back to the polls”.
When asked how he could back a government that’s less likely to win, Windsor stated that they’d “be more likely to be here a longer time if they can’t go to the polls and win in a hurry”, with Oakeshot interjecting, “They’ve got more to lose”.
In other words, Oakeshot and Windsor admit they are defying what the nation (including their own conservative electorates) and propping up one of the most incompetent and unstable governments in Australia’s history, which has been massively repudiated by voters, has suffered a savage swing – in seats, first and second preference votes and its legitimacy – in order to preserve their power for as long as possible. 

-Alan RM Jones

76: Not a massive majority... Tony Abbott is set like a jelly now.

Tony Windsor: he is what he looks like, a silly old fart incapable of being a team player and much more enthusiastic to backstab old (ancient in fact) enemies in the Nationals than do what is right.

Oakeshott: he wants a ministry. 30 pieces of silver. Fuckwit.

We'll be back at the polls all too soon.