Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vox Populi I

Rosie says:

11:25am | 28/07/10
All we need now is for Labor to be re elected and our PM to replace poor Tim for the adulterous Craig Emerson which we all now know had an affair with Julia and was prepared to leave his wife for her. We then can have a big lavish wedding at the Lodge paid by the Union Powers!
Then 3 years later, the Union Powers can back stab Julia Gillard and replace her for another female in Penny Wong, have a quick election during the honeymoon period, win and then lucky for her she gets to live in the Lodge with her lesbian partner. Two weddings at the Lodge but this time between two women!
Poor Danielle Raffaele was rudely told by Graham Richardson on the ABC’s Q & A that her question to Penny Wong about “gay marriages” was big time dumb was uncalled for. Penny Wong admitting she was gay knew she would be subjected to questions about “gay marriages” and was answering Danielle eloquently when Graham Richardson rudely interupted.
I googled up Richardson and to my amazement found these quotes which is apparently in his book, “Whatevever it Takes” “You have to lie to keep your job. If you have to lie, it is probably a good thing.”
It is obvious that Julia Gillard will deny the latest allegations and cleverly turn what is negative to a positive.