Monday, July 26, 2010

JournOlist: plenty of Jewish people, colored people: not so much

For communist lesbian Gillard, Tim the Beard not needed on campaign trail. For obvious reasons.

JULIA Gillard has revealed that her de facto partner, Tim Mathieson, will not be travelling on the campaign trail with her.
Margie Abbott joined her husband, Tony Abbott, in his campaign on the road in Perth at the weekend and at a childcare centre in Queensland yesterday.
Both John Howard and Kevin Rudd had their wives alongside when campaigning.
But the Prime Minister said yesterday her partner would not be on the road because he was not a party official. She said his support was largely emotional.
"Obviously for my partner, Tim, his job is being supportive of me. He is very supportive of me," she said.
"He is not a Labor Party official, he is not a candidate or a minister, so you won't see him out on the campaign trail in that sense but obviously he will be (supporting me)."
-The Australian

Whether it's the risk of their abnormal body language being analysed, the provocation offered by his presence to one of her real partners, or the fact it might stir even the affable slow wits of the lamestream media, Tim the Beard won't be making an appearance as part of Gillard's carefully scripted media performance.

In a sane world, a full-blown communist activist like Gillard wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of being elected... But this is a world driven by and hypnotised with the lamestream media, so as long as her reality is obscured, another empty suit may well take high office...