Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At the risk of repeating myself...

Woe unto them that call evil good,
And good evil;
That change darkness into light,
And light into darkness;
That change bitter into sweet,
And sweet into bitter.


Nazi Propaganda in the Arab world- fascinating new book


More intriguing than the book is the promulgation of this story in Egypt, albeit via a lower-circulation independent newspaper rather than the government controlled press.

Defamation on A Current Affair

Despite numerous complaints to the police regarding extortion and death threats, and despite numerous communications in relation to the risk of defamation should they rely on the tissue of lies about me perpetrated by a disgruntled alleged ex-employee and a group of sociopaths on one of the worst websites on the internet, the cyberbullying, defamation and general persecution of me (and others I might add) has now reached proportions that will only be redressed by thorough, detailed and ongoing legal action in defamation. It will also now be a more serious matter due to past Police inaction which is a separate issue being brought forward by me and other victims.

Until the conclusion of the defamation proceedings and other investigations I will not be making any further private or public remarks, other than to say I am being defamed, allegations against me and about me are untrue and indeed disgraceful, and the long checkered history of shows like A Current Affair inviting virtually daily actions in defamation continues.

-Jonathan Nolan