Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Hurricane Kids!

The Hurricane Kids #1
Grant Alter (writer) Ryan Cody (artist) Matt Kaufenberg (cover colorist)

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

The Hurricane Kids Summer Special The Hurricane Kids are together again for the last time as we reveal the fate of the original team! In a violent battle for the fate of the city, Mister Minus, Sarah Constance, Kid Flyer, Wushu Tiger and Johnny Levin fight the powerful God-like being Omkron the All-Mighty! This special issue leads directly into the upcoming Hurricane Kids webcomic launching in Spring 2009! This is a limited edition issue so do not miss out! Created by Grant Alter & Ryan Cody Written by Grant Alter Art by Ryan Cody Cover Art by Cody & Matt Kaufenberg Featuring pin-ups by Dan Christensen and Darren Rawlings

The Hurricane Kids TM and © Ryan Cody & Grant Alter. All rights reserved.


Just a fantastic comicbook. From the fake weathering on the cover to the Bruce Timm animation style interior the book is just vibrant. And the story is superheroic, perfectly paced and gripping. This is one to buy!