Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big Mouth Shut For Now?

Tony Brisciani is back in court on 6 April or thereabouts, so a little bird tells me... Still trying to reverse the granting of the AVO type restraining order against him.

His ham fisted denials of wrongdoing aside, it will be interesting to see if this creature, who it seems has defamation and outright lies as his native tongue, can shut up for long enough to avoid getting into more serious trouble.

Ironic for someone who always lambasts his self-chosen enemies and stalking victims for alleged misdeeds that the only real ones on record that have stuck on anyone at all... are the ones of which he is accused and for which an AVO has issued against him.

Yep, he sure sounds like someone whose word I'd trust.

But YMMV. You may be insane or a crook for example, in which case someone with shady associations, a ridiculously foul mouth, neurotic entitlement issues and a checkered past of abusing and stalking people directly and through proxies is just too cool not to join in with.

Brisciani will certainly not want to have anyone else complain to the police about him for making death threats, hosting bestiality or child porn on his website or any of the other numerous complaints made. On the other hand he has demonstrated no self control at all, and one supposes as a matter of opinion that he may take the view, encouraged by a catastrophic misunderstanding of the law, that if he gets away with something he hasn't done anything wrong...

I think the glistening look of fear in his and his girlfriend's raw egg eyes in all their recent photographs I've seen would indicate otherwise though.

And still to this day they can't seem to see that the best thing for them to do is... not offend any more.

Some would say that as a case study in mental illness- they're fascinating. As people deserving of trust? Um, no.

one and a half comic fans: Marvel vs. the Reset Button

one and a half comic fans: Marvel vs. the Reset Button