Monday, March 1, 2010

Zeroes and Ones

The answer to all of the below is the same: "Somewhere between zero and one".

How many times should a comicbook character make a mockery of actual physical death and literally come back from the dead?

How many times should a comicbook character apparently permanently give up their superhero identity only to chainjerk it back after their replacement (often their sidekick) get settled into the role?

How many times should there be a worldwide invasion by superpowered or extremely technologically advanced aliens?

How many times should graphic violence to women be depicted in a normal comicbook, whether it's supposedly artistically justified or not?

How many members of any comicbook super-team should pull each of the above stunts?

How many superheroes from a single stable, comicbook company or "universe" should have the same origin as another superhero from the same stable, company or "universe"?

How many non-token minority race characters do most comicbook companies put in their comicbooks?

How many normative homosexual couples do most comicbook companies put in their comicbooks?

How many Disney or Warner comicbook writers have ever held a normal professional position in a normal career stream outside of comics?

How many members of the progfest running Disney or Warner comics have ever voted Republican (or Conservative, if they are part of the Moore / Morrison etc. Axis of wannabe Black Magicians)?

How many new child readers do Disney or Warner comics pick up on a weekly basis?

How many more years will Disney tolerate the current state of play at its Marvel brand?

How many more months before the next shakeup at the DC brand over at Warners?

Zeroes and Ones Will Take Us There.