Saturday, February 27, 2010


All I needed to know about DC crossovers I learned from Superboy #93

Page 4, Joker breaking the fourth wall. Actually he isn't, since he began the comic addressing the reader so in fact he is simply framing and telling a presumptively fictional story. But the ignorant 250,000 call that chestnut breaking the fourth wall. Explains why they still buy Marvel and DC if that's their height of intellectualism... But I digress.

You know, people aske me all the time,
"Joker, before you puncture my eardrum with that frozen cheese stick, you simply must tell me -- how do I know if I'm part of a crossover?"
"Well," I answer into their good ear, "Look for tantalizing cover graphics and unusual guest stars. These might be accompanied by the sound of train derailing."

Thank you, and good afternoon.

Rocky Balboa: NOT a G.I Joe as it turns out. Well that clears THAT up thank goodness.