Thursday, February 11, 2010

Numbers don't lie. Even when extra books are stacked in to pad out a terrible sales graph...

Comics: 2010s not 1970s

Even the biggest DC or Marvel comicbook sales event sells 250,000 copies. That means, in all seriousness, with the rest of their wretched lineup selling somewhere from 29,000 down to a mere 3000 or even 1500 a month, in real terms, any Indie can knock them off.

Literally, in this day and age, an Indie, a real one, not fucking Image or Top Cow or whatever, but a garage band level indie, can outsell DC or Marvel with the perfect product and perfect marketing.

I can easily see that if another Bone appears on the scene, let alone another TMNT, if it hits the right marketing angle it will not only outsell Archie Parker, the oldest teenage superhero in the world, let alone Inflatable Geriatric Man, Closet Man, Ambiguously Gay Man and Bulldyke Woman over at DC, it will also wipe out the monthlies. The only thing keeping monthly comics going from DC and Marvel is money. The moment something wrecks that paradigm, the monthlies will be terminated. And the Indie creators will be the ones achieving that, by leading the way. Pioneers do that.

Walther Schellenberg WAS right...

Seeing "Ric" and "Stu", those two gentlemen of letters, bon vivants and over-achievers, comment here, has reminded me strongly of what Walther Schellenberg of the SS said, with no discernible irony:

"In the SS, one met a better class of people" too, it seems, at the AGS forums.
"As for suffering: I believe that there are fewer people than ever who escape major suffering in this life. In fact I'm fairly convinced that the Kingdom of God is for the broken-hearted." -- Mr. Rogers