Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Arguing on the internet, AGS Forums edition.

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It is puzzling. That's for sure. Why everything actually finished within a calendar year isn't just added to an automated voting system I guess we will never know.

Maybe whoever organises it grew up in a soviet bloc country, so they think that is how democracy and voting are meant to work.


It isn't, by the way.

Dude, I [b]assume[/b] you just haven't been paying attention, so you missed the [b]open nomination process[/b] that's been going on for the last month.

Because that's the decent thing to do, right? If I don't know the facts, I shouldn't assume that you're just being an asshole for the sake of it. Hey, maybe there's a lesson for all of us here...

Um apparently you don't read so good. The point I made was why not just include all the fucking games? Why nominate. dickhead.

Um apparently you don't really understand what "nominate" means (or have any conception of how democracies actually work). It's just the first stage of a two-part voting process. All the fucking games [b]are[/b] included, they just don't all go on to the second round. And the reason for doing it like this, which would be obvious if you spent even two seconds thinking about it, is to filter down the number of finalists to a manageable number, so people can make an informed choice without feeling like they have to play a hundred games before they're ready to vote.

I guess I learned an important lesson about assuming people are assholes just because they act obnoxiously: Sometimes that's exactly what they are.

Wow you sure put me in my place. You assume. Can you please just fuck off now? As amusing as it is to have yet another parrot from the AGS forum toe some retarded company line for no apparent reason, my quote of asking myself what the fucking point is has been exhausted.

More importantly to me, I ask myself why all this goodwill and godlike intellect of yours wasn't paraded in public on this topic. But worry not, public immortality awaits.