Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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I COULD convert it to high res...yes...but WHY would I want to?!

Because outside the cliques on this forum, every modern game is made at resolutions at or exceeding 1024x768.

I'm certainly not very good at digital art, but the last thing I'd want to do is use low resolutions as a crutch to hide my inabilities.

I have taken some of the good advice offered in this forum (with respect to the layout and style of my backgrounds). The rest appears to be "you should change to low res, despite being 80% finished at a higher resolution because X" where X is any one of a million subjective peer-group preferences.

Also, as we've said, it's completely up to you, but we're just doing what you asked, we're being critical. Also, harsh as it may be, why not take some of the advice? You might be surprised at what you can make.

I've had some good critical feedback, which I highly respect, and some snippy stuff which I don't care for at all.

But if someone were to turn away from what they actually wanted to make because a few senior forum members bullied them into it, then I would have no respect for that person. Have some integrity and make what you want to make.

Quote from: Mr Fibble
To throw another tire on this bonfire; I'm making my game in low resolution because it's easier to draw backgrounds and far easier to animate. Once I know what I'm doing here, I'll move up to high resolution. It's a learning curve, you don't run before you can walk.

I considered this also. But the low resolution stuff is pixel art, which is a separate skill to high resolution / general art stuff. If you are happy / want to learn how to make games in the retro-feel early 90's genre, then I say go for it.