Thursday, January 28, 2010

CosmoKid: new demo

60Mb WiP demo now available, check out the left hand bar. :)

The demo has the music, sound and ambient sound effects, first room puzzle is fully enabled plus you can use the zapgun if you really must. :)

I welcome feedback so please post in this topic's thread here when you've given it a go.

Soundtrack: DONE. :)

Changed my mind (notorious gemini trait) and went with royalty free / free to use for freeware / public domain / fanfilm music for the game.

And it is fricking AWESOME. The music is amazing. Soooo many talented people out there.

or by opposing end them?

Are webcomics just shouting at a wall?


CosmoKid: is it "just" a Space Man Spiff computer game?

It's a legitimate question. Am I really just making an involved fangame of Calvin and Hobbes? Nope.

Cosmo is rapidly blurring into a generic tow-headed hellion, and that's good, and Hobbes is absent (or IS he dun dun DUN) so it has a world of its own.

To an extent the project definitely is a fangame of Spaceman Spiff, a Spaceman Spiff computer game, yeah. But it's a lot more than that. The Watterson stuff itself was an excuse for him to try and break free of the toxic narrowness of the shall we say "unsentimental" world of insitutionalised art prostitution in the newspaper strip industry. But by the time he'd illustrated a Krazy Kat background as a planet or done a loving panel of a dinosaur or old Alex Raymond style pulp sci fi adventures it sort of wound up fast, format and inclination and even skill permitting. In other words, Bill Watterson's lushest Spaceman Spiff stuff still ba-doom tishes off at the last panel and that's that, it never sustained a narrative. Part of the fun and even mystique of Calvin's private worlds is that there are ever only glimpses of them. That's great, but it also let the author off the hook, because he could endlessly set it up, only to abandon it instead of following the thought through for a page, or even a whole comicbook. Compare to classic Peanuts at the height of Shultz's power. Complete narratives, with sparser details, or almost no details.

Interesting comparisons.

A boy and his tiger

A young boy with a big imagination! He can even turn himself into a stupendous superhero! And his best friend is a talking tiger called...

...Tawky Tawny.

Unfortunately "rescued" from "obscurity" after a few horrible, horrible attempts at reimagining (that NEVER works, hacks should just stop doing it) Tawky Tawny is basically... a talking tiger. And the boy of course is Billy Batson, aka Captain Marvel (the real one with the Shazam schtick not the legion of forgettable secondraters over at what's left of Marvel after Bendis et al have "reimagined" its universe into a shattered mess).

Tawky Tawny is exactly the sort of whimsical character, as is Billy Batson too for that matter, who one can see as influences on Bill Matterson. Especially when one remembers that Captain Marvel outsold Superman, and rightly so, for decades. Until DC's hateful legal action finally destroyed Fawcett, Captain Marvel had his own distinct and very toony comicbook universe. Since the DC assimilation it's been one stupid blunder after another. When they do it to their own lameass characters I could care less, hell, it's funny, but when they ruin Captain Marvel I believe they embrace karmic retribution.

Anyway, Tawky Tawny. :)

Wikipedia list of Spaceman Spiff planets

Wikipedia. 18 page articles on anime that are essentially schoolgirl porn, no biographical page for known mafia leaders, no biographical page for Bob Proctor. And they ask for money.

The statistic on Wikipedia everyone should know is that 90% of the edits are done by the same incestuous and basically up themselves half-smart group of 67 people. Having been to university for multiple degrees myself I totally agree that I too took a major in being up myself. The difference being that I don't inflict that pomposity on people through a structured abuse of knowledge on a virtually constant basis.

Wikipedia is a type of encyclopedia. Do some research, if you don't already know, concerning the revolutionary (literally) origins of dictionaries and encylopedia, and then see how harmless you think the 1984-isation of online knowledge is.

It is an agenda, not an accident, that wikipedia has so many more porn and fantasy entries than actual checkable facts. And as for the facts and the metier applied to so many of the articles... Indescribable.


The Spaceman Spiff planets according to Wikipedia:

  • Ahnooie-4 where Spaceman Spiff decides to put a repulsive blob out of its misery
  • Bog—where Spaceman Spiff avoids pools of toxic chemicals under a choking atmosphere of poisonous gases
  • Gloob—above which Spaceman Spiff has a malfunction in his hyper freem drive and is blasted with a deadly frap ray by the aliens
  • Mok, where Spaceman Spiff undergoes water torture (his mother washes his hair)
  • Plootarg—where Spaceman Spiff crashes after being zorched by a Zarch spacecraft
  • Q-13—where Spaceman Spiff faces despicable scum beings with his mertilizer beam and mordo blasters
  • X-13—where Spaceman Spiff is captured and brought before the Zorg despot
  • Zark, where Spaceman Spiff has several adventures escaping sinister aliens
  • Zartron-9—home of the awful bug beings who blast Spaceman Spiff while he reboots his saucer's computer and tries to recalibrate his weapons
  • Zog—where Spaceman Spiff makes a (very rare) perfect 3 point landing
  • Zok—where Spaceman Spiff is marooned
  • Zokk—where Spaceman Spiff bounds across the landscape given the low gravity
  • Zorg—where Spaceman Spiff sets his gun on deep-fat fry to blast aliens

CosmoKid: Zapguns, Smoke, GUI button artwork changing, cutaways

Got the zapguns working- targets, fires a stream of sprites, emits a blast at the far end where appropriate.

Added some alien worlds (see pics)

Added all the ambient noises, wind noises for desert, crowd noises, the works. really adds to the game massively.

Music- still composing and buy royalty free although the composing is going well enough, why bother buying I am thinking. :)

Going by the source material and its inspirations, the trick is to make the universe compelling of course but also take it seriously as only a small child can when worldbuilding, totally consistently embracing it with a sense of wonder and boundless leaps of imagination and fantasy.

To that end although I am restraining the use of 3d, photoshop etc.etc. I am still using somewhat Kirby-style space illustrations- marker pen, redraws, water colour and all sorts, then pasting them over detailed backgrounds to give a late Marvel Silver Age comic feel to it, which fits the sources I believe.

It certainly makes it look beautiful to my eyes so it's easy work. :)

The enemy Lynx has his own ship now too, a blue much more avian themed Saucer. :)