Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Don't vote Labor. Remember their victims.

This election, the Labor Government asks us to reflect on their claim of being superior economic managers in the delivery of sound national programs. In undertaking this process four young people repeatedly come to my mind; Matthew Fuller aged 25, Rueben Barnes, 16, Marcus Wilson 19 and Mitchell Sweeney aged 22. You may not remember their names, but all four died during Labor’s term in office.
These young men didn’t die fighting terrorism in Afghanistan or during the devastating bushfires in Victoria; they tragically died fitting insulation in ceilings, a part of Labor’s home insulation scheme. What I cannot forgive, and will never forget is how this Rudd-Gillard Government attempted, and continues to attempt to evade all moral, political and legal blame for a poorly conceived program lacking ministerial supervision, a program Peter Garrett described as being “very successful” despite four untimely deaths and hundreds of house fires.
I have just one vote. This Saturday I will not be voting for a Labor government or any political party that passes on preferences to the Labor Party. This coming Saturday I will be remembering those four young workers and their families. When you place your vote, perhaps you might do the same.