Saturday, July 31, 2010

Iron Man is winning the fight, Red Sonja falls to the undead of the ALP

Watch Bill Shorten sharpen his knife.
This Union tool is the bloke who singularly staged the Rudd asasssination of Rudd.
He got into a safe labor seat in Victoria last election. His father was a member of the Communist party whose members all went to the Fabian Socialists when the Communist party shut down.

Julia Gillard’s father was a Communist Party member.

Julia is still a Fabian member and aligned throughout her career.

Rudd never belonged to a union. has no factional support.

Julia collected a coterie of leftists around her Shorten being the key mover.

They waited their opportunity while playing a moderate stance and assassinated Rudd.

Also in power - Quenten Bryce who is a socialist feminist par excellence called by Rudd to be GG and the interesting connection where Bryce’s daughter is married to Bill Shorten.
What a bloody coincidence!!!!!!!

The Communists have moved into power via the side door while dopy Australians slept and our journalists provided the sleeping pills.

Julia is going to be be rolled by Shorten either as PM or immediately if Tony Abbot wins the election.