Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oh dear, oh dear... This isn't good news at ALL

ourt awards $17,000 payout over 'You like kids' Facebook post | Herald Sun

What real Australians actually think of the bisexual communist Julia Gillard

“Gillard admits she never wanted children or marriage. She has showcased a bare home and an empty kitchen as badges of honour and commitment to her career. She has never had to make room for the frustrating demands and magnificent responsibilities of caring for little babies, picking up sick children from school, raising teenagers. Not to mention the needs of a husband or partner. Perhaps Gillard’s very different choices explain why, according to sources leaking to Channel 9’s Laurie Oakes last night, Gillard objected to the Rudd government’s paternity leave scheme. It’s taken a bloke—Opposition Leader Tony Abbott—to provide a very personal commitment to paternity leave. Gillard’s opposition is a reminder that good policies do not depend on the gender.”

Iron Man is winning the fight, Red Sonja falls to the undead of the ALP

Watch Bill Shorten sharpen his knife.
This Union tool is the bloke who singularly staged the Rudd asasssination of Rudd.
He got into a safe labor seat in Victoria last election. His father was a member of the Communist party whose members all went to the Fabian Socialists when the Communist party shut down.

Julia Gillard’s father was a Communist Party member.

Julia is still a Fabian member and aligned throughout her career.

Rudd never belonged to a union. has no factional support.

Julia collected a coterie of leftists around her Shorten being the key mover.

They waited their opportunity while playing a moderate stance and assassinated Rudd.

Also in power - Quenten Bryce who is a socialist feminist par excellence called by Rudd to be GG and the interesting connection where Bryce’s daughter is married to Bill Shorten.
What a bloody coincidence!!!!!!!

The Communists have moved into power via the side door while dopy Australians slept and our journalists provided the sleeping pills.

Julia is going to be be rolled by Shorten either as PM or immediately if Tony Abbot wins the election.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vox Populi I

Rosie says:

11:25am | 28/07/10
All we need now is for Labor to be re elected and our PM to replace poor Tim for the adulterous Craig Emerson which we all now know had an affair with Julia and was prepared to leave his wife for her. We then can have a big lavish wedding at the Lodge paid by the Union Powers!
Then 3 years later, the Union Powers can back stab Julia Gillard and replace her for another female in Penny Wong, have a quick election during the honeymoon period, win and then lucky for her she gets to live in the Lodge with her lesbian partner. Two weddings at the Lodge but this time between two women!
Poor Danielle Raffaele was rudely told by Graham Richardson on the ABC’s Q & A that her question to Penny Wong about “gay marriages” was big time dumb was uncalled for. Penny Wong admitting she was gay knew she would be subjected to questions about “gay marriages” and was answering Danielle eloquently when Graham Richardson rudely interupted.
I googled up Richardson and to my amazement found these quotes which is apparently in his book, “Whatevever it Takes” “You have to lie to keep your job. If you have to lie, it is probably a good thing.”
It is obvious that Julia Gillard will deny the latest allegations and cleverly turn what is negative to a positive.

Monday, July 26, 2010

JournOlist: plenty of Jewish people, colored people: not so much

For communist lesbian Gillard, Tim the Beard not needed on campaign trail. For obvious reasons.

JULIA Gillard has revealed that her de facto partner, Tim Mathieson, will not be travelling on the campaign trail with her.
Margie Abbott joined her husband, Tony Abbott, in his campaign on the road in Perth at the weekend and at a childcare centre in Queensland yesterday.
Both John Howard and Kevin Rudd had their wives alongside when campaigning.
But the Prime Minister said yesterday her partner would not be on the road because he was not a party official. She said his support was largely emotional.
"Obviously for my partner, Tim, his job is being supportive of me. He is very supportive of me," she said.
"He is not a Labor Party official, he is not a candidate or a minister, so you won't see him out on the campaign trail in that sense but obviously he will be (supporting me)."
-The Australian

Whether it's the risk of their abnormal body language being analysed, the provocation offered by his presence to one of her real partners, or the fact it might stir even the affable slow wits of the lamestream media, Tim the Beard won't be making an appearance as part of Gillard's carefully scripted media performance.

In a sane world, a full-blown communist activist like Gillard wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of being elected... But this is a world driven by and hypnotised with the lamestream media, so as long as her reality is obscured, another empty suit may well take high office...

Monday, July 19, 2010

GOMAGAUR - not the BP Oil Spill, it had sexier results than that. :)

Off the coast of Belize a radical energy project is menaced by fury from the deep! Set in the Earth-Q universe of Queen of Tears, take a break from the undead with mermaids and gillmen!

An oldie now but a goodie. I loved writing this one and was pretty pleased with the results. I suppose I will eventually finish off more books in this universe, but for now other things beckon...

Not quite like the BP oil spill, this ecological disaster involves a geothermal project of the coast of Belize, with generous helpings of ancient lore of the sea, mermaids, mermen, Mayan ruins, blue holes and all the rest of the Caribbean trappings.

Click HERE the image to buy the book :)

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