Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oil disaster: what on earth is happening at Grand Isle, Louisiana?

Oil disaster: what on earth is happening at Grand Isle, Louisiana?

First : (name withheld) and I went down there to try to get footage of the Oil Spill that Main Stream Media couldnt or wouldnt show. We had planned 2 stops, one in Venice La, and the 2nd in Grand Isle La. at the last minute we changed the plans to Grand Isle first because we couldnt get ahold of the boat that we where meeting in Venice La.

We arrived in Grand Isle and the first thing we noticed in the miles of bridges we traveled that there was no sign of Oil, we looked at the Beach Obama was at the day before and found NO OIL. We found a large number of coast guard, but they where leaving the morning we arrived ( sunday 6/6/10 ) We drove around and found nothing unusual, we started heading north and stopped at the Port Fourchon cut off ( no road signs ) at the Conoco where a few minutes later 2 Army Humvees arrived with full battle dress and even more unusual contractors in white helmets in the back.
This is when we decided to get a hotel and stay.

After the Coast Guard left, Army started coming into town, 3 to 4 vehicles at a time, this lasted throughout the day, night and the following day. We went into town, everything was fluid, constantly changing in a seemingly uncontroled kaos. a large majority of the houses on the beach ( south side of Grand Isle ) had military vehicles, this also changed rapidly as a few times we drove through they where getting harder to spot but never left Grand Isle ( Atleast via hwy 1 the only way out )

That night, I showed (name withheld) the Oil Spill tracking map google set up showing how the oil was being held by currents from the Miss. River and the Gulfstream and how it could never go west to Grand Isle ( MORE ON THIS IN A MINUTE ).

We noticed a truck parked next to us with a coast guard logo stating National Strike force, Atlantic Strike Team, we also saw 2 tatical looking boats heading towards Grand Isle. We also heard there was a off shore mission that night from someone at the hotel. ( I'm leaving some out for now )

Monday 6/7 we saw the same 2 boats leaving while we where fueling up by the hotel ( on video ) , then we returned to Grand Isle. The changing of the guards was complete, no kaos, still a military presence and we found a constuction site in woodland green with woodland construction equipment at Port fourchon. There was more equipment there, but I chose not to try to ask the road block for access, I had a bad feeling since we just had filmed Homeland 15 minutes earlier and was seen. Grand Isle was Oil Free when we left, all of this was video taped.

On the way back we noticed several large cranes that pick up containers painted in Woodland Green heading east on I- 10 ( for the new port they seem to be building? )

Tues 6/8 Showme comes over, we record a live video show and release about 30 minutes of the footage unedited.

Wed 6/9 Well. Ive caught hell for how I posted the video teaser and the lack of much else. I posted the teaser for the News sites and stations who demanded I upload videos the night I was driving back...... We drove after all the driving around in LA. 1875 miles round trip in 2 1/2 days, we didnt have much sleep before we left either. that video was for those who just couldnt wait.

Later I was talking to someone on the phone who stated that the same google oil tracker updated on 6/8 shows Oil on Grand Isle FROM A SEPERATE OIL SPILL IN THE GULF NOT RELATED TO THE MAIN OIL SPILL. check it, sat photo confirms this.

In conclusion,
We postponed a mexican border trip because of hot intel about the coast in La. 2 guys in Texas drove all the way down there unplanned just hours after the intel so we could bring you the truth. I was on the phone constantly with people wanting updates, my words may have been taken out of context BUT I had asked the few I gave details NOT to post about it TILL I GOT BACK HOME to review the video. THIS is the FIRST OFFICIAL ACCOUNT of Our Grand Isle Trip. I have left some intel out of this report because I need confirmation of what I thought I was seeing, and have challenged several to try to prove the released video false. The only problem with that is local sources tell me now the Military has full control of the area and will arrest those taking pictures and video. We will find this out when a member here called American Militia and his crew goes there this weekend to debunk me, I wouldnt ever call anyone out like that unless they mass emailed my name, American Militia did, We with them luck with the fact finding mission and pray for their safe return home with video.

Future Plans, I would love to go back to Grand Isle in the next few days to gather more video and meet up with anyone doing the same. The Mexico Trip is still on as far as I know and should happen soon. From this point on, while on trips my phone will be very limited to a select few for my safety and reputation.