Wednesday, June 16, 2010

798 AD Redux

There is a triumphant supreme irony to the Tea Party Movement.

It is the real Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda as often referred to in the MSM simply does not exist. And it never did. It's a combination of CIA fakery and outright lies by media morons. Al Qaeda the phrase is a nonsense, its leaders are actually Barry Soetoro style puppets. The only "real" thing about it is the culture of barbarism and hate for the West that most islamics feel.

Likewise, the real opponent of islamic savagery and its enablers are the Tea Party. Like the islamic enemy, they are not led, not focused and not organised in some secret database. Two great opposing poles of human movement- one light, civilised, loving and courageous, the other dark hateful and cowardly, have inevitably arisen, bypassed the usual desperate demagogues who try and manipulate them, and move into direct conflict.

It is the inevitable force of world historic destiny.

Barry, RINOs or anyone else for that matter can no more stop this process of mass change than they can genuinely lead through charisma and big ideas. The bankruptcy of leadership created a vacuum that both islamosocialism and the Tea Party are filling.

The time for words is nearly done.