Monday, May 24, 2010

The Smell Of Lime preview pages

The Smell Of Lime #1 will be available fairly soon. No idea what the RRP will be, but as low as possible. At this stage it will be print only, gloss full colour 108 pages of content, colour covers etc. too. ;) It's chapters 1 through 5, #2 will be chapters 6 through 10.

What is The Smell Of Lime? Humans (and others) are abducted or otherwise conducted to a mysterious planet orbiting a gas giant. The planet has little bits of their home planets deposited on it... Maybe...
But there are deeper mysteries even than the explanation for their abductions, and there are a series of recurring visions and dreams some suffer that seem to point to either an alien conflict... or an incredible multi-dimensional struggle...

The Smell Of Lime (TSOL). My ongoing.

The shakespearian sci fi noir is still getting finished off but TSOL will be what I chip away at from now until I finish the stories it involves.

PS I actually can read and write Ancient Egyptian (cf Queen of Tears) so if any turns up in TSOL you can rest assured it's 1. meaningful and 2. as accurate as possible. :)

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