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At the risk of repeating myself...

Woe unto them that call evil good,
And good evil;
That change darkness into light,
And light into darkness;
That change bitter into sweet,
And sweet into bitter.


Nazi Propaganda in the Arab world- fascinating new book


More intriguing than the book is the promulgation of this story in Egypt, albeit via a lower-circulation independent newspaper rather than the government controlled press.

Defamation on A Current Affair

Despite numerous complaints to the police regarding extortion and death threats, and despite numerous communications in relation to the risk of defamation should they rely on the tissue of lies about me perpetrated by a disgruntled alleged ex-employee and a group of sociopaths on one of the worst websites on the internet, the cyberbullying, defamation and general persecution of me (and others I might add) has now reached proportions that will only be redressed by thorough, detailed and ongoing legal action in defamation. It will also now be a more serious matter due to past Police inaction which is a separate issue being brought forward by me and other victims.

Until the conclusion of the defamation proceedings and other investigations I will not be making any further private or public remarks, other than to say I am being defamed, allegations against me and about me are untrue and indeed disgraceful, and the long checkered history of shows like A Current Affair inviting virtually daily actions in defamation continues.

-Jonathan Nolan

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Obama Propagandist an Art Thief? Plagarism charge against Shepard Fairey

Obey Plagiarist Shepard Fairey
A critique by artist Mark Vallen
Published on the occasion of Fairey’s Los Angeles solo exhibition, Dec., 2007.
[ View the Critical Voices section at the bottom of this page for additional opinions.]
Most well known for his "Obey Giant" street posters, Shepard Fairey has carefully nurtured a reputation as a heroic guerilla street artist waging a one man campaign against the corporate powers-that-be. Infantile posturing aside, Fairey’s art is problematic for another, more troubling reason - that of plagiarism.
Lincoln Cushing, Josh MacPhee, and Favianna Rodriguez, worked closely with me on researching this article, having initially brought Fairey’s plagiarism to my attention. Cushing is an art historian and author of RevoluciĆ³n: Cuban Poster Art, Visions of Peace & Justice, and Chinese Posters: Art from the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Josh MacPhee is an artist, activist and author of Stencil Pirates: A Global Survey of the Street Stencil, and Favianna Rodriguez is an artist, activist and Chicana print maker. Their invaluable research and documentation provides the foundation for most of what appears in this article.

COMPLETE ARTICLE HERE: fantastic piece of work, fascinating to read, and the originals of the appropriated work are wonderful to look at. :)

- Yi Sunshin, Last letter to an old friend.

My life is simple, my food is plain, and my quarters are uncluttered. In all things, I have sought clarity. I face the troubles and problems of life and death willingly. Virtue, integrity and courage are my priorities. I can be approached, but never pushed; befriended but never coerced; killed but never shamed.

- Yi Sunshin, Last letter to an old friend.

Negligence is an extreme thing.

Although it stands to reason that a samurai should be mindful of the Way of the Samurai, it would seem that we are all negligent. Consequently, if someone were to ask, "What is the true meaning of the Way of the Samurai?" the person who would be able to answer promptly is rare. This is because it has not been established in one's mind beforehand. From this, one's unmindfulness of the Way can be known.
Negligence is an extreme thing.

The Way of the Samurai is found in death. When it comes to either/or, there is only the quick choice of death. It is not particularly difficult. Be determined and advance. To say that dying without reaching one's aim is to die a dog's death is the frivolous way of sophisticates. When pressed with the choice of life or death, it is not necessary to gain one's aim.

We all want to live. And in large part we make our logic according to what we like. But not having attained our aim and continuing to live is cowardice. This is a thin dangerous line. To die without gaming one's aim is a dog's death and fanaticism. But there is no shame in this. This is the substance of the Way of the Samurai. If by setting one's heart right every morning and evening, one is able to live as though his body were already dead, he pains freedom in the Way. His whole life will be without blame, and he will succeed in his calling.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

American lesson for Australian health care reform. Last three words each in separate quotes.

The idea of electing to office in any capacity people such as the current Labor government of Australia should be a disturbing one for anyone still alive who was raised in the Western civilisation, but specifically in the arena of health care, Rudd, a mealy mouthed career bureaucrat attaining high rank through the Peter Principle which is surely his true religion (besides socialism) must be the health nightmare personified.

The man who gave us Doctor Death in Queensland and strewed the political careers of his supporters under the bus with alarming ease is now seeking to perpetrate on Australia what the usurper socialist regime in America has recently undertaken. Below is a quote from American Thinker on the politburo that the American socialists are attempting to foist on post-Constitutional America. Read it with an informed eye on what Rudd intends here.

Of course I say Rudd- I of course mean the Reserve Bank shadowmen and the rest of the unelected power elite pulling levers with gay abandon.

It is well-known that people rarely vote against their direct personal interests, and Democrats are relying on that to maintain power in the November midterm elections. The means to accomplish this is laid out in Title V of the health care bill. Title V establishes the "National Health Care Workforce Commission" (NHCWC), responsible for acting as the primary national resource to federal, state, and local governments for what works and what doesn't regarding all things health care.

Even health care activities conducted by other departments of the government, such as Defense or Commerce, will now be coordinated through this commission. Inexplicably, the NHCWC is granted legal exemption from the statutory rules that govern federal advisory committees. Section 5101 (b) of the ObamaCare bill states:

(1) The Commission shall be composed of 15 members to be appointed by the Comptroller General, without regard to section 5 of the Federal Advisory Committee Act. (5 U.S.C. App.) [Emphasis added.]

Why is this important?  Section 5 requires that all federally constituted commissions:

(1) contain a clearly defined purpose for the advisory committee;

(2) require the membership of the advisory committee to be fairly balanced in terms of the points of view represented and the functions to be performed by the advisory committee;

(3) contain appropriate provisions to assure that the advice and recommendations of the advisory committee will not be inappropriately influenced by the appointing authority or by any special interest, but will instead be the result of the advisory committee's independent judgment [emphases added] ...

Such a broad exemption from oversight is tantamount to the establishment of a health care Politburo, and the essential nature of this exemption becomes evident once you examine the statutorily required membership of this commission. It is designed to be a star-chamber of unaccountable community organizer types, with a vast budget and a penchant for social justice.

Title V requires that the Commission comprise a "non-majority of [health care] providers," although Uncle Sam grudgingly allows the health professionals a few seats around the table, right alongside the mandatory representatives of labor unions, consumer advocate groups, and educational institutions -- although the latter do not have to be medical school educators, or even university educators, or have anything whatsoever to do with health care. They can, in fact, be drawn from elementary schools, or even local apprenticeship programs. 

One can only assume that a steamfitters' union apprentice with a 5th-grade education and an interest in the occasional consumer boycott would be the ultimate trifecta nominee.

It is of no consequence that the most offensive provisions of this bill do not go into effect until many years into the future. The soothing idea being peddled, that all this anti-constitutional chicanery can be repealed in the months following the next election, is no real security at all. This Commission will be in full operation no later than the 30th of September of this year. The true aim of this bill (which is to co-opt the existing infrastructure of the health care industry, then swell it with an orgy of hiring and spending) begins immediately.  

The left now has nearly half a year to lodge people and funding into every nook and cranny of this misbegotten legislation, all of whom will prove most unwilling to vote themselves out of work. This tactic, begun last year under the rubric of stimulus spending, becomes a juggernaut under Title V.

Progressives have long sought electoral success by granting access to the government trough. The welfare treats and other brightly-colored trinkets of government generosity have been fine tools for local or regional electioneering, but there have never been enough citizens willing to accept a dependent lifestyle for the left to achieve an unassailable national majority. 

Clearly, the holy grail of leftist electoral politics lies in swelling the ranks of a dependent class, which Title V does with alarming rapidity.

And now back to the cartoons, whilst over on Inherited Tigers 2 we return you to Bullitt, already in progress.

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Woe unto them

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Isaiah 5:20

Issue 1 of Harry Lime on sale! :)


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Looking over my shoulder, The Inside Account of the Story That Almost Killed Me

The author in 1967. Little did she realize the turn her life was about to take.
Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Scandal behind "The Scandal of Scientology"

By Paulette Cooper You may not believe this, but you can write something that some group doesn't approve of and then have a quarter of your life almost ruined. I know because it happened to me.
I haven't previously written about this from beginning to end because it's still painful, but here goes. In 1968 I was a struggling New York freelance writer, searching for an investigative story that would make a difference. I was already used to controversy - and publicity - when a year earlier I had successfully stowed away on an ocean liner and wrote an article (and sold movie rights) about it that had appeared all over the world.

The paperback cost less than a dollar. But the price the author paid - both in torment and in legal fees - was immensely more.
But when I next decided to expose a then relatively unknown organization called Scientology (and the related Dianetics, ) I ended up falsely arrested and facing 15 years in jail, had 19 lawsuits filed against me all over the world by Scientology, was the almost victim of a near murder, was the subject of 5 disgusting anonymous smear letters sent to my family and neighbors about me, and endured constant and continual harassment for almost 15 years. I had obtained a master's degree in psychology and had studied comparative religion at Harvard for a summer. So I became interested in researching a newly-popular quasi-religious mental-health cult founded by science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard. I started by writing an article exposing Scientology for the British Harper/Queen, (now Harper's Bazaar) and expanded this into a book.
In it, among other things, I stated that the crux of Scientology - their e-meter which they say acts like a lie detector - produced questionable results; that Hubbard had lied about his credentials; that Charles Manson had called himself a Scientologist; that some auditors had behaved improperly toward their "parishioners"; that some who left may have feared being blackmailed; that some defectors claimed that they had been psychologically damaged by Scientology, financially ripped-off, and/or harassed when they tried to leave or speak out.
I soon got used to telephone death threats, harassing calls - and lawsuits.
I was occasionally followed - often conspicuously as if to upset me - and people seemed to be trying to gain access to my apartment. Then, in the basement of my small building, I discovered alligator clips on my phone wires - likely the remnants of a phone tap.
Next, my cousin - who was also short and slim like me - was in my apartment alone when a man arrived with a "flower delivery" for me. When she opened the door, the intruder pulled a gun out of the flowers and put it to her temple. Fortunately, the gun jammed, misfired or was empty. The man then began to choke her, and when she pulled away and screamed, he ran off. The police said afterward that they were mystified, because there appeared to be no motive for the attack.
I quickly moved to a safer doorman building. But soon afterwards, 300 of my new neighbors received an anonymous smear letter about me, outrageously describing me as a part-time prostitute with VD!
Then, a few weeks later, I received a visit from a pompous FBI agent named Bruce Brotman. He said the spokesman for the Church of Scientology in New York, James Meisler, claimed to have received 2 anonymous bomb threats and named me as a likely suspect.
I didn't take it seriously until I was called to appear before a federal grand jury - and was shocked to learn that I was the target (suspect). I had to hire a top law firm (I chose one headed by Charles Stillman) who required a $5,000 retainer on my meager freelance income. Little did I realize that they would ultimately cost me $28,000 (like $75,000 today) and they would unsuccessfully sue me after the case was over for even more money!
Even worse, during the grand jury, the prosecutor, John D. Gordon III, told me that if this Grand Jury decided that I had sent Scientology the 2 bomb threats, I faced 5 years in jail for each letter, 5 more for perjury for denying it, and $15,000 in fines.
He showed me the letters, and I truthfully testified that I had never touched or seen them before. Then Gordon dropped the real bomb. "Then how did your fingerprint get on one of them?" he asked.
I was so shocked I think I momentarily lost consciousness because the room turned upside down. I then rightly explained that Scientology could have obtained a blank piece of paper that I had touched, and typed threats on it afterwards.
But Gordon was unconvinced. On May 9th, 1973, I was indicted on all 3 three counts by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York. And 10 days later I was arrested, released on my own recognizance, and forbidden to leave the state without the court's permission.

"I was named a likely suspect and the next thing I knew I was called to appear before a federal grand jury in New York."
For months, my anxiety was so terrible I could taste it in my throat. I was in a total panic. I could barely write, and my bills, especially legal ones, kept mounting. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. I smoked 4 packs of cigarettes a day, popped Valium like M&Ms, and drank too much vodka. I worried obsessively about the possibility of going to jail. And also about my career. I had been doing extremely well. I had 4 books out and I wasn't yet 30. But once these accusations came out at trial, what editor would give an assignment to a writer believed to have sent bomb threats to the people she wrote about? I had wanted to be a writer since I was 8 years old, and my dream life was about to be over.
I was also very concerned about my parents. They had adopted me from an orphanage in Belgium when I was 6, and I had always tried to make them proud of me. However, I knew they would soon be humiliated when the trial started.
The sexual revolution was going on then, and young people were also experimenting with pot, considering horrifying by adults (and jurors no doubt!) in those days. As a single photogenic woman involved in a bizarre case, I knew I would become the scandal du jour for the tabloids during the anticipated 3-week trial.
I tried desperately to prevent a trial. I made a writing barter arrangement with a private investigator, Anthony Pellicano - the same one in jail and in the news now - who I wanted to look into L Ron Hubbard Jr., the son of the founder, who I had worked with against his father but whom I now began to suspect had turned. But Pellicano did nothing.
I also volunteered to take lie-detector tests to prove my innocence. But they returned contradictory and inconclusive results, although not surprisingly, they did show me to be highly stressed.
My state of mind got worse when the man I had been dating for a year and planned to marry, a lawyer named Bob Straus, left me. Most of my friends also stopped calling because I was so obsessed with the horrors that were happening that it was all I could talk (or think) about.
On July 26th on my 30th birthday, I decided to end it. Fortunately, an editor friend at the New York Times stuck by me and called me. She kept me on the phone for hours to stop me from continuing to take the entire bottle of Valium I admitted that I had started to take that evening.
Another loyal friend was a new one, a short smiling redhead named Jerry Levin. He was sympathetic to what was going on and moved in with me late that summer. Since I was too depressed to go out much, he did my errands and walked my dog Tiki while I compulsively watched the Watergate hearings.

The ledge surrounding the rooftop pool of her apartment building: the perfect spot for an "accident."
Occasionally, he would persuade me to go up to the rooftop pool with him at night when no one was there. He was a gutsy guy, and he would leap up to the 33-story high ledge and try to get me to join him. "You have to be brave if you're going to take on those bastards," he'd say. But I huddled below, a shadow of my former adventurous self. Toward the beginning of September, I was in such a bad state that I even became slightly suspicious of him. When I questioned him, he turned on me, berating me for not even being able to trust my closest friend any more. Then he too walked out of my life, leaving me alone to face the trial.
The court date, October 31, 1973, was approaching when, a Professor and researcher from Scotland, Dr. Roy Wallis, came to interview me. Earlier, he had interviewed L Ron Hubbard Jr.
Boastfully, Jr. gave Roy a letter he wrote to his father, saying he could "bring the enemy to their [sic] knees" - and he had suddenly purchased an expensive house right after I was indicted although he had been broke. Roy brought this and other information he had gathered on Scientology's dirty tricks to Gordon, who had a growing file I had also given him on Scientology's "fair game law": That stated that an "enemy" of Scientology - such as me - "May be injured by any means by any Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed."
But no prosecutor wants to give up a high publicity case. So I started searching for a doctor to give me a truth-serum test. After months of barely eating, I had gone down to only 83 pounds, and my health had deteriorated from the stress. Doctors refused me, saying I could die from the anesthesia. But I didn't care. I had decided to kill myself right before the trial rather than humiliate my parents (and myself) once the news stories came out.
Finally, a neurologist, Dr. David Coddon of Mount Sinai Hospital, agreed, and after several hours of questioning me while I was out, he was so convinced I was innocent, that he said not only would he testify for me, but he would chain himself to the courthouse steps if they proceeded with this case. (Just what I needed; more publicity!)
On Halloween day, 1973, the government postponed - and ultimately canceled - the trial, agreeing to file a nolle prosequi. I went into therapy for a year, and the depression lifted somewhat. But the threat of a trial and scandalous publicity remained over my head, because the government could still try me, and the press could still discover that I had been arrested for sending bomb threats and ruin me.
So for four long years, I was bitter - and broke - feeling that everything I had done was right and it had all come out so wrong. Strangers from all over the world continued to call me for help on Scientology, unaware of what I had just gone though. Since no one else was doing anything or speaking out against them, I continued to try to help Scientology's many victims (free), including those they were suing or who were suing them, and those who had lost their families and their money to them.
So the Scientologists therefore kept suing following and harassing me. As one example, when they found out I had seen a shrink, they broke into his offices and stole my records to find out what I had said during therapy - then sent excerpts of negative things I had said about my friends and parents to them. Nice, eh?
In July of 1977 I was flying home from Africa on a travel writing assignment when I picked up a copy of the Herald Tribune on the plane and couldn't believe the headline Washington Post story they had picked up: it was about me.
It seems the FBI had raided 3 Scientology offices and seized their internal memos after learning that they were engaged in a variety of criminal activities. And that included framing a writer who had exposed them and was working against them: me.
I was so happy; I thought that last I would be able to prove my innocence when I came home, which had become an obsession with me. But it took me four more frustrating years (during which time they harassed me more than ever, set me up with private investigators, and continued to sue me for nonsense, for example, for that Washington Post story, saying I had given it to them) before I at last saw those documents.

By 1974, the author wears the stress of her ordeal in her pained visage.

Watch the
60 Minutes
interview here.

(requires RealPlayer)
And then I spent 3 months in Washington D.C., reading all the nasty stuff they had done not only to me but to anyone who had ever said or done anything against Scientology. As I later told Mike Wallace when I was on 60 Minutes discussing the frame-up and their "dirty trick" papers: "Scientology turned out to be worse than anything I ever said or even imagined. For example, one series of documents dated 1976 was a plot of theirs against me called "Operation Freakout." to get me "incarcerated in a mental institution or jail or at least to hit her so hard that she drops her attacks" on Scientology. It seems that after the first frame-up - a plot they apparently called "Operation Dynamite" - had failed to imprison (or silence) me, they plotted again to make it look like I was making bomb threats against them and others with fake threats sounding eerily like the '72 ones.
Mysteriously, there was also an anonymous diary someone wrote of what I did each day during the "frame-up" period, and how close I was to suicide. "Wouldn't that be great for Scientology?" the person wrote
And then I realized the writer could only have been Jerry Levin. He must have been a Scientologist whom they sent to spy on me and help Scientology set me up. He and his friends, Paula Tyler and a woman calling herself Margie Shepherd (who may be Linda Kramer from Boston, who married and may be Linda Kobern), had been in and out of my old apartment back when the threats were sent. And they had access to paper on which Scientology could have obtained my fingerprint and then typed the threats.
Even now I still wonder: why did Jerry want me to go up on that ledge with him? If he had pushed me over, everyone would have simply assumed that in my depressed state of mind, and rather than face a trial, I had committed suicide. Operation Freakout indeed.
A new grand jury in New York spent 3 years investigating my frame-up. Alas, the case went nowhere because the Scientologists refused to talk about what they knew about the frame-up. One, a Charles Batdorf, was even jailed for months for refusal to speak but still wouldn't talk.
But a simultaneous Washington, D.C., grand jury (and trial) ultimately jailed 11 Scientologists who were involved in wiretapping, infiltration and theft of government documents. Some had also been involved in the frame-up and harassment of me so I finally had some justice. I also initiated my own legal actions against Scientology while they piled on more suits, spies and harassment against me. Finally, in 1985, we reached an "amicable" settlement of all lawsuits.
Indirectly, through the lawyer who handled this settlement, I became reacquainted with Paul Noble, a New York TV producer, whom I had dated in my 20's, long before this all happened and we have been very happily married for 19 years now. I went on to write 11 more books, win 6 writing awards (including two for "The Scandal of Scientology,") do some travel writing, and have a newspaper column on pets. True, it's not as "glamorous" as the investigative reporting I did with Scientology, but at least dogs don't harass and cats don't sue.
I also quit smoking, barely drink, and try to forget what happened. Try. But when I see the news, or my e-mail, I'm often reminded of the years of torment I endured. Whenever I hear about litigation,or depositions, I remember the years (and money) I spent fighting the 19 lawsuits they filed against me from all over the world that I had to defend - not to mention that I was subjected to 50 days of depositions.
Or I read about something like prosecutor Nifong's going after the innocent Duke soccer players and I am reminded of what it was like for an innocent person to be prosecuted. Me. Or someone will send me inside information from a higher-up who left, like the affidavit from Margie Wakefield swearing that: "The second murder that I heard planned was of Paulette Cooper, who had written a book critical of Scientology, and they were planning to shoot her"
Other names keep bringing me back as well. My useless private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, is all over the news. My former attorney Charles Stillman often defends high-publicity clients. like the Reverend Moon. Bob Straus, the boyfriend who left me, went on to head a large New York organization that investigates judges. John D. Gordon III is with the high profile law firm of Morgan Lewis.
Bruce Brotman retired from the FBI and I was pleased to read negative news stories that appeared about him. It seems he left the FBI and became head of security at a big-city Airport and the local papers reported that he was fired when he refused to go through the security system, reportedly saying, "I make the rules."
Dr. Roy Wallis committed suicide in 1990, blowing his brains out when his wife left him. Dr. David Coddon died in 2002. And while I've never heard further of James Meisler or Charles Batdorf, I heard that Jerry Levin - which I'm sure was not his real name - is still a Scientologist.
Yes, I often wish I had never ever heard the word "Scientology," But despite all that happened, I would still have done the same today, because no one else was speaking out or working to expose them then. I would not have been capable of remaining quiet because I learned too many scary things and talked to too many people who were being hurt to turn my back on them.
Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, others are speaking out. And fortunately Scientology is not as litigious or vicious toward their critics. But if you think there's nothing bad happening to (former) members and/or critics, go read www.clambake.org (especially the message boards), www.lermanet.com, xenu.net, xenutv,com &.holysmoke.org for starters.

Cooper says her life is back on track, and that she is enjoying some well-earned time away from the pandora's box she opened nearly forty years ago.
Sometimes I get discouraged because Scientology gets so much publicity from people like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, etc. And I wonder whether it was worth wrecking so many years of my life when they're so powerful again. But then I remind myself that I did help a lot of people. My book sold 154,000 copies - not that I ever saw any money from it and it cost me a fortune - and what I called "The Book That Launched a Thousand Suits" is really "The Book they Couldn't Kill," since it's still read today (free) on the Internet - in several languages. Finally, some of the people who read my book (or the story of what they did to me which is also on the Internet,) e-mail me from all over the world to thank me, and that gives me satisfaction. My favorite was the man in his 50's who e-mailed me to say that years ago, after learning the truth about Scientology from me, he left the cult, married, has 4 children (2 are twins) and now runs a computer company employing 40+ people. He wrote to tell me that he feels that I am responsible for his happiness.
That reminded me of why I did what I did, and why we journalists do what we do: we try to tell the truth so that we can help others.
Unfortunately, we sometimes pay a terrible price for it.

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B List - Obama - the truth

War is war. Nuff said.

I'm getting defamed left right and centre, getting death threats etc. so I am not going to respond- I figure at least one side of any court action should obey the Rule of Law. However- what is being said, and how it is being said- is unfair, untrue, and typical antics of the internet-infesting underclass whose native tongue is deceit.

See them all in Court. And- what goes around comes around, pack animals.

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Iwo Jima

"He has risen. With all due reverence, we apply these words to our beloved dead.

There are too many air call wings encrusted with the stain of their owners’ life blood, too many marine trousers upon the graves, too many symbols
of American dead – Catholic, Protestant, Jew. Together,' he said, 'they huddled in foxholes or crouched in the bloody sands under the fury of enemy guns here on Iwo Jima. Together they practiced virtue, patriotism, love of country, love of you and of me. Together they stand before the greatest soldier of them all – Jesus Christ, to receive the token of our triumph. For Christ has said: 'Greater love than this no man hath then that he lay down his life for his friends.'

And so our beloved dead have gone from the world of hate to the world of eternal love

The chaplain continued, 'The heritage they have left us, the vision of a new world, [was] made possible by the common bond that united them in the drudgery of recruit training or here in the chaos of bursting shouts. Their only hope: that this unity will endure.'

And so our dead have risen to glory

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Key Witness in Presidential Passport Tampering Case Murdered in 2008, No Arrests

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Key Witness in Presidential Passport Tampering Case Murdered in 2008, No Arrests

OMG, they are killing people.
Do you remember this curious story during the Presidential election? A couple of months before  rumblings began about Obama's birth circumstances and the discovery that BHO's COLB (certification of live birth) was a forgery, a story broke in late March 2008 that State Department employees had tampered with the passport files of Barack Obama.
At the time "State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said the violations of McCain and Clinton's passport files were not discovered until Friday, after officials were made aware of the unauthorized access of Obama's records and a separate search was conducted".
The incidents raise questions as to whether the information was accessed for political purposes and why two contractors involved in the Obama search were dismissed before investigators had a chance to interview them.
I always thought they rifled through Clinton's and McCain's to make it look like it was all three but it was Obama's passport records that they accessed. Secondarily, almost as an afterthought, there were "violations" concerning Clinton and McCain. But who stood to gain from a tampering, and why?
There is a video here of Obama's response to the passport "breach" back on March 21, 2008. Watch it -- I think it's telling that he says, not that he has anything to hide, "not because I have any particular concerns" [minute -.23]. This is before the birth certificate scandal. Who would say that?
Passport breach March 21. 
On April 8, 2008, Obama confessed to having taken a trip to Pakistan in 1981. Here is what Obama said -  Jake Tapper was there:
"So when I speak about having lived in Indonesia for four years, having family that is impoverished in small villages in Africa --knowing the leaders is not important -- what I know is the people...I traveled to Pakistan when I was in college -- I knew what Sunni and Shia was [sic] before I joined the Senate Foreign Relations Committee."
Tapper was surprised and said:
This last part -- a college trip to Pakistan -- was news to many of us who have been following the race closely. And it was odd that we hadn't hear about it before, given all the talk of Pakistan during this campaign.
Much speculation has been made about what national passport Obama used when he traveled to Pakistan in 1981.
So Obama confessed to this trip two weeks after his passport was tampered with.
Pakistan was in turmoil in 1981 and ruled of martial law. Millions of Afghan refugees were living in Pakistan, while the Afghan Mujahedeen operated from bases inside Pakistan in their war with the Soviets. One of the leaders that based his operation in Quetta, Pakistan was Usama Bin Laden (The Sheik).
Pakistan was on the banned travel list for US Citizens at the time and all non-Muslim visitors were not welcome unless sponsored by their embassy for official business. (more here)
UPDATE: This article is from April 2008 (thanks Slimguy) but I was unaware of the murder.  I am just seeing the story. Needless to say - there have been no arrests a year later in this case.
 Key witness in passport fraud case fatally shot Washington Times

A key witness in a federal probe into passport information stolen from the State Department was fatally shot in front of a District church, the Metropolitan Police Department said yesterday.
Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, who had been cooperating with a federal investigators, was found late Thursday night slumped dead inside a car, in front of the Judah House Praise Baptist Church in Northeast, said Cmdr. Michael Anzallo, head of the department's Criminal Investigations Division.
Cmdr. Anzallo said a police officer was patrolling the neighborhood when gunshots were heard, then Lt. Harris was found dead inside the vehicle, which investigators would describe only as a blue car.
Emergency medics pronounced him dead at the scene.
City police said they do not know whether his death was a direct result of his cooperation with federal investigators.
"We don't have any information right now that connects his murder to that case," Cmdr. Anzallo said.
Police say a "shot spotter" device helped an officer locate Lt. Harris.
A State Department spokeswoman yesterday declined to comment, saying the investigation into the passport fraud is ongoing.
The Washington Times reported April 5 that contractors for the State Department had improperly accessed passport information for presidential candidates Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain, which resulted in a series of firings that reached into the agency's top ranks.
One agency employee, who was not identified in documents filed in U.S. District Court, was implicated in a credit-card fraud scheme after Lt. Harris told federal authorities he obtained "passport information from a co-conspirator who works for the U.S. Department of State."
Oil of Immigration goes one step further:
Comment: See my article about General Dynamics - the company used by the Obama campaign to tamper the passport. Tom Ayers (Bill Ayer’s Father) was on the board of General Dynamics. Also, right after Obama Usurped Office, GD was contracted to improve the security of the Passport system.
Gets better ..........Tom Ayers served on board of General Dynamics. General Dynamics now wants "hackers" to work for the Government hat tip Denice

Federal authorities aren't looking to prosecute them, but to pay them to secure the nation's networks.
General Dynamics Information Technology put out an ad last month on behalf of the Homeland Security Department seeking someone who could "think like the bad guy." Applicants, it said, must understand hackers' tools and tactics and be able to analyze Internet traffic and identify vulnerabilities in the federal systems.
Tom Ayers, father of Obama friend, communist and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, served on the General Dynamics Board. As head of the corporation's finance committee, Northern Trust was the trustee of the corporation's Salaried Savings Plan and the Hourly Savings Plan that was overseen by the committee along with fellow members Lester Crown whose son, Jim, and daughter-in-law, Paula, are $200,000 bundlers for Obama's presidential campaign.
Northern Trust Bank is also the same bank that gave Obama his below prime rate home loan for his current mansion. 
Many believe General Dynamics was also involved in the "security breach" or tampering with the Obama Passport before the election.
Just after the election, the State Dept. awarded the same company that breached the initial passports to come up with a new Passport technology:
(Source) The State Department awarded a $99.3 million, five-year contract today to a team led by General Dynamics Information Technology to print the passport card.
The contract calls for one base year and five option years. State’s Logistics Management Office, Management Acquisition unit processed the acquisition.
Research is pending on this, but you can already see disturbing
Also disturbing is this analysis from Bahukutumbi Raman, a former Indian counterterrorism chief:
Morbid thoughts CNS News (hat tip Randall)
How much – if anything – the 19- or 20-year-old Obama knew about the Afghanistan jihad during that 1981 visit is unclear.
But it’s precisely the shortage of details that worries some, like veteran security analyst Bahukutumbi Raman, a former Indian counterterrorism chief.
Mulling how a President Obama would deal with each of South Asia’s historical foes, Raman said that as an Indian, he naturally felt troubled that Obama had not disclosed the Pakistan visit earlier.
“Why did he keep mum on his visit to Pakistan till this question was raised?” asked Raman, who is the director of India’s Institute for Topical Studies. “Has he disclosed all the details regarding his Pakistan visit? Was it as innocuous as made out by him – to respond to the invitation of a Pakistani friend or was there something more to it?”
Raman continued, “As I read about Obama’s visit to Pakistan in the 1980s, I could not help thinking of dozens of things. Of the Afghan jihad against communism. Of the fascination of many Afro-Americans for the jihad. Of the visits of a stream of Afro-Americans to Pakistan to feel the greatness of the jihad. Of their fascination for Abdullah Azzam …”
Raman said although having such thoughts may seem “morbid,” it was “understandable when one has a feeling that one has not been told the whole story, but only a part of it.”
“It is the right of the Americans to decide who should be their president,” he said. “It is my right to worry about the implications of their decision for the rest of the world, including India.”
The Obama campaign did not respond to an invitation to comment on some of the speculation surrounding the visit to Pakistan or to provide further details about the trip.
And this:
According to published reports in Pakistan, Obama in 1981 also stayed at the home of a prominent politician, Ahmad Mian Soomro, in an upscale Karachi suburb, and went on a traditional partridge hunting trip north of Karachi. Soomro’s son, Muhammad Mian Soomro, is a senior politician who served as acting president before the appointment of President Asif Ali Zardari last September.

Raising Dettrah

“No player is greater than the game itself. It’s a significant game in a number of ways. The velocities of the ball, the awful physics of the track. And in the middle of it all, men playing by an odd set of rules. It’s not a game a man is supposed to grow strong in, Jonathan.”

“The game was created to demonstrate the futility of individual effort. Let the game do its work.”



kenny's sideshow: Is WikiLeaks a CIA/Mossad Front?

kenny's sideshow: Is WikiLeaks a CIA/Mossad Front?

Dun Dun DUN... Not long until Tuesday! Bad moon rising for the forces of perversity and evil!