Saturday, March 6, 2010

Affirmative Action Power: Gail Simone

Exit Gail Simone from Wonder Woman.

Fascianting to see her described as a fan favo(u)rite etc. Simone certainly has a fanbase, but it did NOT translate at all into sales on Wonder Woman, and her storytelling was C grade stuff at best.

What she really stood as to me was an example of a shrill internet critic getting a gig based pretty much solely on her blog and article love letters to the object of her affection (DC) and mobilising her slender fanbase to campaign on her behalf.

What did NOT happen subsequently was the recruitment of any new fans.

The DC logic at work is terrible as well- female character flails, female fan writer whines- hire female writer for female character - must equal success. Um, not so much.

Also using that logic, it will have to be an African to write Black Panther, a half-smart science degree holder for Fantastic Four and an alien for any Martian Manhunter reboot. Wow.

Or- and this is a stray though many have but Wisney the Incest Twins never bother with- just hire writers. Let them reimagine it. The fans taking over the franchises trope has had its day and with predictable results. Just get some people with writing chops as opposed to internet cred to do some real character building and watch the fanbase grow again.

Not television writers (plagiarists) I mean some established decade or two of published successful mainstream stuff youngish authors. There's a lot of em out there. :)

Either that or go even further into the fanbase hires with a quest for the next Roy Thomas or Jim Shooter. I love how they both cop all this abuse now from the internets and yet they presided over way the fuck more successful stuff than today.

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