Saturday, February 13, 2010

Year of the (Inherited?) Tiger

Onward through the fog, as was once written on the University Union House wall...

This Year of the Tiger will be brilliant, if you're a fan of traumatic change and permanent alterations to the status quo. In gaming, the old and extremely pathetic dichotomy between hardcore and casual gaming will vanish completely, in favour of the real dichotomy between mobile phone and desktop gaming. The massive rise of the mobile phone "app" has killed recent game iterations before they have even had a chance to attract their obligatory 18 fans. Cool stuff.

In comics, Marvel is now a subsidiary of one of the most evil and relentless corporations on Earth, Disney, and only the most insane or retarded of folks out there still think that Disney won't covertly make wholesale changes to how Marvel is run, what it produces, and how commercial what it produces can be. Disney killed its own monthly title, and they won't hesitate to do the same to Marvel. And rightly so.

Warner, it would be wrong to call it DC since it is now entirely assimilated, DC is just an imprint now, Warner, will continue to try and occupy the space Marvel vacates on a monthly basis. Remember way back when DC meetings revolved around copying the unbeatable performance of Marvel- by imitating the amount of word balloons on cover or lack thereof, the amount of red on covers or lack thereof, the number of gorillas and so on? Warner has learned nothing.

The incestuous echo chamber of comicbooks will slowly come to and end and it will become noticeable this year. A lot of current creators are film and tv hacks with fanbases that are quite large in terms of internet forums, and pathetic in terms of absolute numbers. This fact is slowly dawning on all the lesser lights of the comicbook world, who are mobilising their own teeny tiny fanbases to good end. Chris Sims has been one of the more proactive in doing this, it's just that so far he hasn't produced anything with the spark to take him to the next level. He keeps writing love letters to DC in his blog posts... He doesn't seem to realise that treat em mean keep em keen, the whore logic, works really well on the fanwankers in charge of Marvel and Warner comics.

And then there's AGS- red-headed overall wearing stepchild of indie gaming. It will continue on. Brilliance will be shown everywhere but on its own website and forums. Well duh.

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