Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TEMPLAR #1: Political Capital

Soon to be joined by a decidedly different publishing mate, the first modern ZODIAC COMICS title, Templar, is on sale. Sales are meh, but then one could say the same for many a comic! :)

Templar is a retelling of the public domain Saint radio plays, set in a nebulous Noir period somewhere between 194x and 195x. It's not so much left vague to make an issue of the year it is set in since there are internal subtle references that date it quite exactly, it's more to emphasize the slow shift in the Noir cinema (and indeed radio) era from extremely adult to almost slapstick or dare I say it comicbook elements. This pastiche and self parody of course is the mark of decadence and decline in any genre or trope.
If the spirit moves you to buy a copy of Templar, CLICK HERE. :)

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