Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love-starved ex-employee of comic shop gets owned in his comments

Scott says:
Y’know, Chris, the only really violent act at any of these Tea Parties was when an African American tea partier in St. Louis was knocked down, struck and kicked repeatedly by anti-tea party protestors who, apparently, also yelled racial epithets at him.
Stick to talking about things you actually know about.

Perfect. And a perfect adieu for me to ISB. It's been going downhill, and it was never that good, and the St. Jerome level of apologetics for comics everyone else knows are crap wore thin in 2007... So what a fantastic epitaph- a truth witnesser kicks ISB in the face. Adieu. And good riddance.


  1. Aww did someone get sand kicked in their vagina again? Oh poor jonny and his massive sandy vagina.

  2. btw have you ever considered not being a cunt to everyone you come across? You might actually get somewhere in life instead of being a fat headed loser

  3. The fact that on St. Valentine's Day, what you find to do is post foul mouthed invective here- tells anyone reading this all they need to know about either of us, "skcd".

    "The awful truth", indeed.