Friday, February 26, 2010

IndyPlanet snapshot

For the ageing 250,000 who cling to Marvel and DC- no point even trying with those sadfucks any more.

In actual news, this is the current map at IndyPlanet:

Manga (86)
Fantasy (577)
Science Fiction (619)
SuperHero (669)
Adventure (653)
Sugary Serials (2)
Anthology (71)
Crime (157)
Drama (288)
General Audience (1281)
Horror (482)
Humor (457)
Mystery (345)
Non-Fiction (46)
Posters (206)
Rated ::E:: (596)
Mature Readers (523)
Sketch Books (70)
Slice-of-Life (204)
Suspense (8)
Trade Paperbacks (251)
Western (32)
Young Reader (25)  The categories overlap, but as sensible classifications it shows a picture much more like the American Golden Age- superheroes are there, for sure, but along with them and basically at the same level of popularity are action, sci fi, with fantasy not far behind. Some of the awful crap the incest crowd at Marvel and DC crank out as pseudo-indies would fit into slice of life or crime etc. but the IndyPlanet ranks range from the best to the worst and everything inbetween. It's a total tragedy that most of these books haven't yet got a wider audience because there are some stone cold treasures! :)     

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