Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grant Morrison sure does like Big Bang Comics.

Big Bang Comics is a pastiche universe, created and maintained out of love. It's borderline commercial and firmly indie, having moved from Caliber to Image to... well to Limbo actually, but it will be around forever.

And I tell you, they have some amazingly high profile fans. Chief amongst the noteworthy fans of contemporary times must surely be Grant Morrison.

Flamingo, a "new" "Batman" villain is actually straight out of Big Bang Comics, as is Knight and Squire, an "amazing" "new" "Batman" concept from the *snigger* current time-travelling Batman crap. Jesus. Meanwhile, for decades, Big Bang has featured Knightwatchman and Squire, aka Kid Galahad.

Now sure, Big Bang is a pastiche. Knightwatchman is transparently and deliberately Batman. But nevertheless, it shows utter intellectual bankruptcy for Grant Morrison to rip Big Bang off.

Grant Morrison is no more a genius than the Big Bang guys are. Seriously, he appeals to ageing sophomores who crave a veneer of sophistication without the intellectual rigour or education that would actually confer it. As for Satanists like Morrison, Moore and the rest- sooner or later they'll learn two things.

1. Black Magic can't really be learnt out of books, even obscure ones.

2. The only problem with magic is... IT DOESN'T WORK!

Zombie industry, maniacs in charge of it- and now they're plagiarising pastiches.

Stay classy, "big two".

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