Friday, February 26, 2010

Ghost Zero: Escape From The Vigilante Crypt #1

Ghost Zero: Escape From The Vigilante Crypt #1
Written and Illustrated by Dave Flora

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

Eddie Quick takes a dare to sneak into a haunted house to spook a ghost researcher, only to find himself running for his life from a burning ghost! This issue is the first in a series that tell the origin of GHOST ZERO!

In 1947, young Eddie Quick finds a magical ring haunted by the ghost of a dead vigilante named Charles Pallentine. Together, they become the ghostly GHOST ZERO, avenger of the helpless dead!

Ghost Zero: Escape from the Vigilante Crypt TM and © Dave Flora. All rights reserved.


Captain Marvel meets EC. Excellent in every way other than not being in colour and this is a comicbook that can totally swing black and white by both genre and trope. There is NOTHING from the number two that comes close to this for freshness, content or entertainment.


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