Monday, January 25, 2010

Fifteen Years On...

It would be impossible to tell how old or young Calvin is in 2010, since he was 6-ish at the inception of Bill Watterson's epic and arguably still 6-ish or at the latest 7-ish or 8-ish at the end...

But it has indeed been 15 years since Calvin and Hobbes (1985-1995) raced off into the snowbound landscape like a "blank page".

Watterson has been somewhat elusive himself, and although he steadfastly decided to not allow commercialisation of his creation, and indeed has only provided a handful of licences over the years, the dominant influence of C&H remains. Even in the work of Frank Cho, which whilst frequently seedy at best is still technically smooth and very beautiful to look at, we see not just the occasional parody of C&H but also the same whiff of the Green Acres Effect- that the adventures and the unfolding text are taking place  j-u-s-t  a little further on, in the county next door, the town next door, etc.

C&H has so much appeal to so many people on so many levels it is very meritorious of study.

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