Monday, January 25, 2010

Demo game of CosmoKid

CosmoKid is my laboriously redrawn and repainted Calvin and Hobbes homage / parody. I am working on it as a keep sane type thing and also to develop new stuff for the "serious" games and software I am working on.

To download the demo, click HERE.
It's a RAR archive. If you click on the link and get binary soup, try right click / save instead, since it's a direct link to the archive file in the directory. :)

It should also be up at AGS at some point. If not, it will still be available here.

The demo is pretty raw, not a finished product, but it will show the direction the game's going in. In the demo you can swap out to the raygun armed version of CosmoKid but he can't fire at anything. I implemented the code but disabled it for the demo. The gun is useless in the first puzzle anyway. :)

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