Thursday, January 28, 2010

CosmoKid: Zapguns, Smoke, GUI button artwork changing, cutaways

Got the zapguns working- targets, fires a stream of sprites, emits a blast at the far end where appropriate.

Added some alien worlds (see pics)

Added all the ambient noises, wind noises for desert, crowd noises, the works. really adds to the game massively.

Music- still composing and buy royalty free although the composing is going well enough, why bother buying I am thinking. :)

Going by the source material and its inspirations, the trick is to make the universe compelling of course but also take it seriously as only a small child can when worldbuilding, totally consistently embracing it with a sense of wonder and boundless leaps of imagination and fantasy.

To that end although I am restraining the use of 3d, photoshop etc.etc. I am still using somewhat Kirby-style space illustrations- marker pen, redraws, water colour and all sorts, then pasting them over detailed backgrounds to give a late Marvel Silver Age comic feel to it, which fits the sources I believe.

It certainly makes it look beautiful to my eyes so it's easy work. :)

The enemy Lynx has his own ship now too, a blue much more avian themed Saucer. :)

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