Friday, January 29, 2010

CosmoKid: Mud Maze (Room 318)

The Mud Maze. Destined to be "one of those puzzles". It's quite a Monty Haul room, with objects here and there, as well as a friendly Mud Grub alien to talk to and maybe get a quest off of (it's a nonlinear game in some chapters so you may or may not get the quest, or even want it if it's offered).

If it was just a question of scampering wherever you please on that surface, that would be one thing. But of course, it's not. The walkable area is NOT a blank sheet. It twists and turns. And as you cross it, various zones provoke the random movements of four "steamballs"- swirling spheres of scalding steam. Each one inflicts random 0-4 damage on you. But with four of them, moving at random, it can be a lot harder than it sounds to explore the room.

To stop it being one of those retarded pointless puzzles or screens that are just hateful and silly, the Saucer spaceship your hero owns is parked right on screen, and you can interact with it at any range to immediately jump out of the situation. This room follows a voluntary risk strategy for the player. IF you want stuff on that screen, then yeah, you will need to risk scalding. Or save a lot, or whatever. IF on the other hand you just can't be bothered- fair enough. There's a lot of paths through the game. :)

Were I playing it rather than writing it, I think it would be entirely dependent on how late in the game I hit it. If I had already got through some chapters, developed some rivalries with the baddies and so on, this might not be as appealing. Early on though, I would almost certainly explore the hell out of this sort of room and cop the potential nerve wracking and frustration of the wandering steamballs of death. :)

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