Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CosmoKid enemy: Space Commander Lynx

Space Commander Lynx- named after a Sontaran although clearly some sort of bird, is one of the enemies the Mysterious One unleashes against Cosmo later in the game. Armed with the same trademark type Mertilizer as Cosmo, but a far more proficient adventurer, Lynx has as his goal the extermination of our hero by any means necessary. But what will happen when Cosmo and Lynx are forced to work together?? :)

Spriting for this character has only just begun as can be seen. I need to do proper shading, add some feather details and work on the face. A lot.

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  1. Thinking, I will add each step of the electronic sketchpad, so sketch one is up, sketch two is when scanned cartooning gets overlaid and tidied up, and so on. No idea if other people work this way but I doubt it. :)