Thursday, January 28, 2010

A boy and his tiger

A young boy with a big imagination! He can even turn himself into a stupendous superhero! And his best friend is a talking tiger called...

...Tawky Tawny.

Unfortunately "rescued" from "obscurity" after a few horrible, horrible attempts at reimagining (that NEVER works, hacks should just stop doing it) Tawky Tawny is basically... a talking tiger. And the boy of course is Billy Batson, aka Captain Marvel (the real one with the Shazam schtick not the legion of forgettable secondraters over at what's left of Marvel after Bendis et al have "reimagined" its universe into a shattered mess).

Tawky Tawny is exactly the sort of whimsical character, as is Billy Batson too for that matter, who one can see as influences on Bill Matterson. Especially when one remembers that Captain Marvel outsold Superman, and rightly so, for decades. Until DC's hateful legal action finally destroyed Fawcett, Captain Marvel had his own distinct and very toony comicbook universe. Since the DC assimilation it's been one stupid blunder after another. When they do it to their own lameass characters I could care less, hell, it's funny, but when they ruin Captain Marvel I believe they embrace karmic retribution.

Anyway, Tawky Tawny. :)

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